Q:  Why mobile grooming?

A:  We know how busy life is, so why worry about taking time out of your schedule to get your pet to the groomers?  We give you time back by coming to you.  Your pet will also be a lot less stressed by not having to wait hours in a kennel to be groomed with other loud barking dogs.  They will have our undivided attention that they deserve!


Q:  Do you need to use my power or water?

A:  Nope!  Our grooming trailer is powered by a generator to make it self sufficient.  


Q:  Do I need to be home?

A:  If it is your first time grooming with us, we require you to be there.  For any future appointments after that you do not need to be present.  We will need a way to get to your pet if you are not home.  Most clients either leave a spare key or garage code.  We also ask that your pet be contained in an easily accesible place for the groomer to get to. 


Q:  Can I watch?

A:  Unfortunately for safety reasons and space constraints we can not have anyone inside the trailer with us during services.  Pets get very excited when they can see their owners and we want them to safely relax and enjoy theirselves.  We are more than happy to snap a picture or two for you!


Q:  Do you take cats?

A:  We currently are not taking cats at this time.